Chief & Lilly Go To London eBook (Book 1)
The adventures of Chief and Lilly is a fun filled series of books that take you on international adventures, visiting some of the most popular landmarks and cities around the world. 
The series is filled with adventure, excitement and education with a sprinkle of magic dust to unlock the minds of children.
In Chief & Lilly go to London, meet Shelby and Kobe who help the teddies find Pierre, a lost French bear hidden somewhere in one of London's most popular landmarks: Buckingham Palace
Join two lovable furry friends as they adventure the world. Whether for personal entertainment, or complementing a school curriculum, Chief and Lilly will be a bedtime favourite as well as a classroom aid for children worldwide.


One clumsy dog, one bossy rabbit, one world...!

Chief & Lilly Go To London eBook (Book 1)